Sara & Dustin

He squeezed her tight, enveloping her in warmth. The sun was bright but served as little relief from the cool, winter ocean breeze. Shake it off, bounce up and down, do some jumping jacks and they’re back to a soft, giggly embrace.

Meet Sara and Dustin. I was sitting against the wall, in sweatpants and no makeup. She charges into the small, basement classroom with the energy of ten suns and proceeds to hug and laugh with everyone she had met earlier at new student enrollment. I didn’t like her. You know what, there is a theme with most of my really, really close friendships. In the beginning, I didn’t think I liked them. They were loud, confident and incredibly intimidating. It turns out, I just attract these types of women. Women who are loud, confident, and legitimately¬†intimidating. Types of women who know what they want, and live true to themselves. Even as a freshman in college, entering the first day of English 101, Sara was demanding the attention and admiration she so rightfully deserved.

I didn’t know it then, but I needed her in my life. I needed someone to show me what it was like to just b me, and be proud of that. I won’t get into how much this beautiful woman means to me. I could write a book. (And I’ll save that book for the wedding) But. I will tell you how much Sara having met Dustin has meant to me. Sara’s love, her passion, is uncontainable. She loves hard and attaches to your heart. When I began to hear about Dustin, her admiration was rigid. She knew she couldn’t be falling for him (first rule of Craigslist roommates) but his constant presence made that impossible. I heard all of this from afar, having never met Dustin until he visited Hawaii with Sara. He was my houseguest, and a stranger, and stealing my best friend’s heart. And I don’t think Mr. Mussack and I could have liked him more. He was her balance, her calm, her answer to obscurity. She didn’t know that she needed him, but like me with her, he has made her life better.

Now, after a proposal in a goose blind, they’re getting married. I will be there, witnessing the union of two deeply loving souls, but for now, enjoy their Seal Beach engagement session. I know I enjoyed shooting it.

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I love you, Bear.

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