PLOUZEK | Family Session | NEBRASKA

I love when wonderful things happen to wonderful people. Baby E was just recently welcomed into the world by two amazing people who will undoubtedly be two amazing parents.P I NP I NThe Plouzeks invited me in to their adorable home to meet their adorable baby girl. P I N
P I NP I NP I NP I NShe was wonderful throughout the session. I wouldn’t dare ask for more.P I NP I NP I NI am so blessed to have such great friends and clients.P I NP I NTiny yawns, stretches and toes.P I NP I NP I NP I NP I NP I NP I NBless you, Plouzeks. P I NThank you for having me in your home. Take care and I will see you soon. Just B wonderful.

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