Leslie & Jax

His shoes are coordinated with her skirt. Her earrings with his shirt. He nuzzles her neck and whispers… She giggles and tucks her shoulder into her chin, preventing him from provoking her more. Inside jokes, distinct facial expressions and just the right tickle spots are his ammunition.

I am in love with this couple.

I often start engagement sessions with the disclaimer that most of the work will be done by the future husband. I let him know that I like to focus on the bride and her genuine reactions and body language based on the direction I give the gentleman. I just like the way girls smile, okay?! Annnnd I especially like the way brides smile when it’s their groom making them react that way. Whether its a nibble, nudge or sweet nothings, I want to assume that he knows just the right way to elicit her joy.

Now, take a gander at the images below and come back to me. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

DO YOU SEE HER SMILE?! DO YOU?! Do you see her smile at him and with him and around him?

This is Leslie and Jax, and they make each other smile. Let’s just say I’m anticipating their wedding, just a little.

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