Joelle & Andrew

She drew me in like a moth to a flame. Her childhood surfing stories, her warm hospitality, her undeniable drive for a passionate life. Like, for everything in life. For God. For the ocean. For her family. Her friends. For food. (ha)

The very best and most meaningful part of starting my friendship with this fabulous woman is how quickly and unquestionably she accepted me and integrated me into her life. I had the opportunity to collaborate with her, to learn about her kinetic design and fashion career, and to be introduced to some of the most lovely people I could ever imagine.

I could and would go on and on about how great Joelle is, the influence she has had on my life in the short time we’ve know each other, but I would get no where without introducing the love of her life. She, like I, married her teenage sweetheart. Andrew and Joelle have been together since they were fourteen and you’d think they were still in middle school with how absolutely smitten they are. It’s not all gushy, sweetness though, there is true support and confidence in their relationship. They work as a unit and build each other up. In stories, in their careers, in their community.

Just imagine my excitement when Joelle mentioned her interest in my model call last month. I had been seeing so many cuddly, snowy, winter-time blog posts by photographers on the mainland and I couldn’t bear it any longer. I NEED TO SHOOT KNIT SWEATERS AND LOVE.

So, on a cloudy, drizzly, 70 degree day Joelle and Andrew adorned pants, boots, and layers. And we shot.


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