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We ate fresh apple bananas, papaya and passion fruit our second morning. We could literally see the source. I love Hawaii.P I NP I NAnd the Banyan Tree Sanctuary. Mr. Mussack grabbed a few more photos of our home away from home while I finished our travel journal entry.P I NP I NP I NP I NP I NWe knew that this day and all of its potential was completely up in the air. We didn’t have a plan or an agenda, just stay on the west side and SEE ALL THE THINGS. So we did. Fish. Eels. Lava. Cows. Sheep. Sunset. All of it. And we started with a hike. The hike we should have done the day before.P I NP I NP I NP I NP I NTurns out, you can get the the North side of the bay by four ways: 1) Swim across from the South shore where we were earlier in the day (DO NOT DO THIS, IT REALLY ISN’T A VIABLE OPTION, 1.5 MILES ACROSS AND VERY DEEP OPEN WATER IN BETWEEN) 2) Rent a legal kayak and tether it to your ankle while you snorkel 3) Pay for a boat tour 4) HIKE DOWN No where could we find #4 as an option but it was the most simple and right up our alley. The hike took us just under an hour with varying terrain and sweeping ocean views. Mr. Mussack carried our hiking backpack and I toted our snorkel gear. The water in front of the Captain Cook Monument was unbelievable. Healthy coral, clear blue water, so many beautiful fish and of course even more people. P I N

P I NP I NCaptain Cook MonumentP I N

BIG ISLAND | DAY TWO from B Mussack on Vimeo.P I NP I NThe hike back up was done in record time (thanks to Mr. Mussack) and we headed north in search of public beach park showers to change for our nest adventure. We picked up three hitchhikers and our new friends just happened to be going to the End of the World. (the cliff diving spot from the previous day)  We dropped them off and continued North on Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway towards North Kohala. We could see the coastline for most of our drive and patches of palm trees peppered into developed neighborhoods far off into the distance. We happened upon a Lava tube just North of the airport and stopped for a few photos. It wasn’t until I was IN the tube that I realized what I was standing on used to be the ceiling we quickly scampered out and on our way. P I NP I NHere is where our lack of planning comes into play. We headed up to the town of Waimea  in “Cattle Country” looking for things to do and see. Unfortunately we only did a lot of seeing. Fortunately they were all things we love. First we stopped at Big Island Brewhaus for their award winning brews. (responsibly) Then we headed up Kohala Mountain Road towards the town of Hawi.P I NP I N When visiting Hawaii you may expect rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes fog and cows are better. This countryside was right up our alley and made us feel “at home.” P I NP I NP I N The hills were alive with the sound of NOTHING and it was perfect.P I NP I N  We rounded out the Northwest corner of the island and headed back South. We stopped at Kua Bay for sunset. We sat there silent for a bit. How did we ever get so lucky. It’s rhetorical. It has to be, because I have no friggin’ idea.P I NP I NP I NP I NP I NP I NP I NNo tips today. Just gratefulness. Just B Grateful. 

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