I want you to feel something you when look at the photos I make. I want you to feel something when you’re in front of my camera.

The way you feel something when it’s cold and someone wraps their arms around you and they just hold you. You can feel their warm exhale  and the comfort of their closeness. The feeling of brushing the hair away from her eyes so you can see her better when she smiles. Or the feeling of playing tag, running around with wild anticipation of being caught. Laughing at the idea of being so childish together but squealing with joy the instant you realize you’re within their grasp. What about the feeling when words are whispered into your ear? Things like “I love you.” “Come closer.” or “You’re stepping on my toes.”

You know, feelings like comfort, reassurance and absolutely ridiculous joy. Feelings that tickle the back of your memory, inspired with the hope of being made new again.

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