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Aloha! I’m B! Yeah, just B. Please, don’t overthink it.


Let’s break this down, lists are easy and I personally think the most efficient way you can paint a portrait of what I’m like:

  • Comfortably awkward, I love people too deeply
  • I use the nickname monkey as a term of endearment
  • I love calligraphy
  • I love making short personal films
  • I love yoga and crossfit and most days I love running
  • I love the North Shore of Oahu
  • I love God and this life
  • I love my friends and family (that is usually an obvious bullet point, but I wanted you to know that I have friends and am not a hermit)
  • I love thai food
  • and dry champagne
  • and the sound of the ocean
  • and sunsets
  • and sunrises
  • and lists

You know what else I really love? What I can’t imagine living my life without? (besides my husband) Photography. Yeah, you thought I wasn’t going to be cliche, but regardless of where life takes me, I’ll always take photography with me.┬áIf giving gifts was a career, that may be the only thing I would do rather than photography…but then I would just make portraits and give them as gifts, so we all would win.

Currently live on the island of Oahu, I frequently travel for weddings and events.

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